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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Hey everyone! Bri here. It’s been 3 weeks since I arrived in Israel for my internship, and I have already begun to feel like I’ve learned so much. I flew from my home in New Jersey all the way here to Tel Aviv so I could spend the summer exploring Israel while also learning more about the sustainability initiatives of the country. I am going into my fourth year of university and plan to use the knowledge I will gain from this summer to guide me in my future career once I graduate. I am hoping that my future involves some sort of education in the sustainability field, which is why I have been excited to get involved with the academy at the Association for Urban Farming.

During my first weeks working, I have been getting involved in the education aspect of the association. I read over the workshops that they offer and added more to them so they would be perfect for the website and for people asking questions about them. I came up with many ideas myself for workshops to offer in the future and have been really excited to hopefully implement them. I have definitely been gaining lots of experience on planning what to teach people about. I am hoping to be able to sit in on some workshops and lectures in the future to learn more about how to teach people about topics relating to growing food close to the plate.

Some soda bottles recycled into planters, all created and planted by students at the Ha'Yarden School in Tel Aviv.

I have even gotten some hands-on experience by visiting the schools we have urban farms at and by interacting with the students there. Seeing them so excited about their projects and about growing their own foods and herbs is so inspiring. I hope that what I am doing during my internship this summer will motivate at least one person to look more into sustainability and join the movement towards a greener world.


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