• Vatsala Chaudhry

About the intern: Vatsala

Hey everyone, Vatsala here. For the first time in my life, I left the title of ‘student’ behind for two months when I started interning here at the Association of Urban Farming.

On my very first day, I was two hours late, no big deal. As I sat in my internship coordinator’s office all day that day, she comforted me and ran me through the course of action for the next two months. An introduction to the founding members was in order later that day. I was a tad bit nervous about that because neither did I know much about agriculture, nor did I feel equipped to answer his questions. I remember I was working on my laptop when someone came from behind and asked me who I was. A welcoming smile, “My name is Lavi, I am the CEO.” He asked me questions that I felt comfortable and confident answering and gave me his cell number as well. I felt fortunate on my ride back home on the bus that day as I felt that I was accepted.

As a management student, it is quintessential for me to know and understand what makes an organization successful and what doesn’t. The friendly, warm and self-assuring environment is the landmark of this family. ❃


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