The new agricultural revolution 

 local food is the best food! 

The Association For Urban Farming is a non-profit organization that aims to transform urban areas into self-sustaining food systems.


The organization's goal is to create highly nutritious, local produce that is accessible and available to all.


We developed a scalable and replicable model to increase local food production and consumption in urban neighborhoods, using a platform of community engagement and social impact.


We use digital tools and offline activities to create and manage the necessary infrastructure for food production. Our efforts include setting up infrastructure, training local activists and businesses, researching and developing new solutions, advising on policy, and raising public knowledge and awareness.


Our solution and services assist governments and municipalities in reaching sustainable development goals and developing resilient cities and neighborhoods — particularly in marginalized communities that live in food deserts and are already suffering from the food crisis.

Productive Communities

Developing productive Urban Agriculture communities to share ideas, findings, and thoughts

Accessibility to products and services

 Increased availability to seedlings, fruits, vegetables, equipment, support, and consultation 


Inclusion of Urban Agriculture

teachings in everyday studies

Research & development


Conduct research to cope up with industry challenges


Policy promotion

Assimilation of urban agriculture in policy-making

Public Awareness


Conducting workshops and training sessions for city residents 

The organization has led a range of projects from adopting schools, gardens, rooftops, etc. and transforming them to be the exemplars for the potential of the technology  


Out flagship project has been the Rothschild Incubator where we exposed hundreds and thousands of people to this agricultural revolution To read more, click the link below

Making Urban Agriculture a part of your life

Join the urban farmers' training program, where you can learn about a variety of topics in modern agriculture - we offer workshops, courses, lectures, tours and customized activities for groups and organizations. 

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The Association for Urban Farming is looking for people that are interested in learning about sustainable agriculture, while at the same time advancing their skill set by working in different mediums, such as marketing, sponsorship, content writing, research, web development,etc.  

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